WholeFruit Chocolate:

Eat or Auction?

The Most Delicious Solution to Climate Change

About 30% of food, 50% of fruit, and 70% of cacaofruit goes to waste. About 14 million tons of cacaofruit are harvested around the world each year to craft chocolate. Until now, only the seeds of the cacaofruit are used to make chocolate, and the remaining 10 million tons of cacaofruit are discarded as waste.

The most effective solution to battle climate change is to reduce food waste. That is why on World Food Day, the Upcycled Food Foundation (UFF) and WholeFruit chocolate are joining forces to raise awareness for the power of upcycled fruit.

It’s not only the cacaofruit that ends up being wasted; it’s the water, land and energy that goes into producing food that is never eaten. 8% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to food waste.

WholeFruit chocolate is the result of technological advancements that make it possible to create a healthier chocolate bar from one single ingredient, the cacaofruit. By upcycling cacaofruit that would otherwise be wasted into delicious chocolate, WholeFruit chocolate helps to reduce food waste and help the environment. 

All proceeds go to the Upcycled Food Foundation (UFF), a nonprofit on a mission to help prevent 20 million pounds of food waste next year.

The Campaign: EatorAuction

Participating influencers will receive one of the limited 30 WholeFruit chocolate bars available across the globe & will have the option to either: 

Eat this one of a kind WholeFruit chocolate bar.


Auction off the WholeFruit chocolate bar to raise money for UFF.

YOU can be a part of the campaign - just follow and spread the story using #WorldFoodDay #Upcycle #EATorAUCTION #WholeFruitChocolate and place a bid on World Food Day to potentially receive one of the first ever WholeFruit chocolate bars! You can follow the campaign by clicking the button below.

The Fruitbar Among The Chocolates

With its zesty, fruity, and unique taste, each bite of WholeFruit chocolate contains at least 40% less sugar than typical chocolates. Bas Smit, Global Vice President Marketing at Barry Callebaut says: “We all have our duty to fix the broken food chain, from government to company, from brand to consumer. With WholeFruit
chocolate, the fruitbar among the chocolates, we celebrate Mother Nature’s gift with a healthier bite. And contribute to a better planet and add value for the fruit farmers, since we use the whole fruit.”

Follow and spread the story via #WorldFoodDay #Upcycle #EATorAUCTION #WholeFruitchocolate or place a bid on one of those rare WholeFruit chocolate bars!


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